Fabien Konan Beugre


Granatum Finance, All Africa


Founder of Granatum Finance, a financial technology company with the objective of providing an alternative source of funding for corporates and governments based on asset-backed blockchain tokenisation (ABBT).

Fabien’s vision is to bring more liquidity and transparency to the African capital market by tokenising and designing smart contracts for future or existing assets with the aim of increasing their accessibility in local and international markets.

Thus, Granatum’s blockchain platform streamlines the transferability and settlements of those new digital assets.

Fabien is also the founder of Cardition, a web and mobile app which allows everyone to create, save, organise and share up-to-date information on digital cards all in one place.

Fabien was previously head of Africa Commodities Sales and Market Structuring at Barclays with 15 years experience in the commodities and financial derivatives markets.

Fabien is native of Cote d’Ivoire and lives in London where he did his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London.


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