Deogratius Lazari

Director of Commercial

Maxcom Africa PLC, Tanzania


Deogratius Lazari Mosha is business owner and pat of the most innovative ICT firm in Tanzania. Deogratius Owns Connectmoja Technologies Limited and is part of Maxcom Africa PLC, working with Maxcom Africa PLC Deogratius has Led the business venture becoming Number 1 in the market by placing more Point of sales, reaching more communities.

Deogratius is part of Most successful local IPOs in Tanzania for Banks, MNOs and other ventures, has lead teams. Is part of visa/Master card projects implementation in Tanzania and Artistic works distribution network in Tanzania. Before becoming the Head of Marketing and Innovation Deogratius is a founder of Connectmoja Technologies Limited and member of Mainstream media, which are leading innovative ICT and media houses in Tanzania.

Deogratius has over 10 years experience as young successful innovator and change maker in business industry through his talents towards execution and strategies formulation.


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