Branislav Ćika

Chairman of the Board

Afri Kash Limited, Sub-Saharan Africa


Brani is an original thinker and an uncompromising debater on a never-ending quest to learn more! Always questioning the prevailing opinions and the status-quo! After spending two decades in and around the United Nations peacekeeping effort in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe, he decided to leave the UN and focus on using the knowledge and technology to disrupt financial and sustainable construction markets in the developing world.

Intimately knowledgeable with the Sub-Saharan Africa, where he left his heart early on, he is working on establishing a set of technology companies focused on disrupting not just expensive and inert industries but obsolete and archaic modes of thinking. Presently, his main focus is on financial industry with the aim to provide inexpensive money to the unbanked individuals and unregulated small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Hailing from the vestiges of Former Yugoslavia, now a citizen of Serbia, he spends most of his time between Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Cameroon where he has begun his startups, working with an amazing team of techies, financial and market experts with the goal of bringing about much-needed change, re-energizing the SME arena and bringing the financial inclusion to the entire society.

Brani has a long history and strong passion for creating young, energetic and knowledgeable teams and in his current role as Chairman of the Board of Afri Kash, his focus is on the creation of strong corporate groups, development of young experts and rapid spread of services across the Sub-Saharan Africa. To this end, in less than two years, Afri Kash has fielded an indigenous African short-term mobile-based loan solution, started operations in Kenya and starting up in Cameroon and Uganda, while Ethiopia and Nigeria are in the final stages of negotiation.

Hailing from a network and telecommunications engineering backgrounds and having spent most of his life around deployment of the technology in the developing world, he is presently attending the University of Liverpool MSc program in Information Systems Management. In the past, he was tasked to design and successfully implemented various data centers and telecommunication networks for the department of peace-keeping of the United Nations with over 50,000 users worldwide.

He loves to read, write and photograph and tries to spend every free moment inventing Lego creations with his children.


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