Speaker/Panellist/Chair/Moderator Information

(Solo Speakers only) Kindly email speakers@afsic.net with a copy of your presentation by Friday 30th March 2018.  All presentations will be made available to registered delegates on a password protected presentation page on the AFSIC website. If you do not wish your presentation to be uploaded and distributed to all delegates post AFSIC please advise us of this upon submission.

  • Presentations to be in .ppt or .pptx format (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 onwards)
  • Please also include a full PDF export of your presentation to allow us to check your power point has transfer across correctly.
  • Presentations to be in 16:9 Widescreen format (Default for PowerPoint 2016) ** To change this in older versions you need to go to the design tab and go to the slide size icon and change this to Widescreen 16:9
  • If presentations use a special or a corporate font then this needs to be supplied in TTF or OTF at the time of the presentation submission this will ensure that your presentation displays correctly.
  • If Presentations use corporate or special colours then the HEX code should be supplied.
  • Presentations with Video files should be embedded in the show and attached as a separate file with the file name referencing the presentation. You should also tell us which slide the video is in. If you cannot embed the video please send us the video in as high as resolution as possible and then indicate where in the presentation it needs to go.

For Graphics

If you would rather use an Adobe program or other graphics package. Please make the canvas 33.867cm Wide by 19.05cm High. This will then perfectly fit the slide – we can send a template slide by request that can be used to add content and again please feel free to change this to the branding as you wish this is only a guide.

  • (Solo Speakers only) If you have any amendments to your presentation after the submission date or if you fail to submit your presentation prior to the event please bring your presentation on a USB stick to be loaded directly on to the laptop at the venue.
  • (Solo Speakers only) Please bring your own laser pen if you need one for your presentation.
  • (Panellist only) The Moderator of your Panel session will be provided with your contact details. We have requested that the Chair gets in touch with you prior to AFSIC 2018. The Chair will provide useful guidelines as to how your Panel Discussion will be structured as we have left it to their discretion as to how they want to run the panel discussion. If, closer to the event, you have not heard from your Chair please do contact us so that we can connect you.
  • (Moderators only) Moderators are requested to make arrangements for where and how long before the panel should convene prior to their time slot. You may wish to collate cell contact details as part of this arrangement. The organisers will be available to assist if required.
  • (Moderators and Chairs) You should have been provided with bios and photos of the speakers you are required to moderate or introduce. Please note that there is no requirement to read the whole biography but rather just precis a short introduction from the biography provided.
  • Upon arrival and registration at AFSIC you will be provided with specific guidelines on where to proceed prior to your presentation/panel time.
  • There will be an AV team in your room at all times. You may wish to introduce yourself to the AV team in your room prior to the start of the session especially where you have complex requirements in your presentation (e.g. sound cables). If this is the case we also ask that you advise us at least a month before so that we can ensure that your specific requirements can be addressed. The AV team can brief you on the operation of the roaming mike.
  • Both handheld and lapel mics are available as per your preference. The AV teams will facilitate this prior to your session.
  • Laptops for loading on the presentations will be available at the venue. Due to the large number of companies attending, and the need to run on schedule, almost all presentationswill be kept strictly to a strict time slot. Panel discussions are approximately 40 minutes. Your Chair may ring a bell 5 minutes from the end of your allocated time slot to indicate 5 minutes remaining.  Solo Presentations have a 20 minute time slot, if you finish before your 20 minute time slot is over there may be time for questions at the discretion of your Chair. A roaming microphone will be made available in all rooms in case of questions.
  • Your audience will include sophisticated institutional investors, research analysts, deal makers, other interested parties, and members of the African press.
  • Because of the diversity of companies presenting, from a wide range of African countries, you may wish to convert your financial figures into USD, for ease of attending investors.
  • Please attend all the previous speakers’ presentations in your session unless you have pre-advised your Chairman that you will arrive part way through a session.
  • The conference organisers do not offer printing facilities on site, although these are available at the conference venue, and locally.
  • You may wish to check that the Speaker Profile that you have provided has been accurately reflected on the Speaker and Company pages of the Conference website afsic.net/2018speakers.
  • Please do not arrange meetings during the session in which you are the Chair or in which you are speaking.
  • Please note that we will be adding all presentations to the AFSIC website to be accessed by delegates attending AFSIC 2018 unless we are otherwise advised that you do not wish to have your presentation added, or you wish to amend your presentation before we add it to the website.
  • Please note that the final conference programme will go to print on April 20th 2018 and thereafter any cancellations, amendments and substitutions will not be reflected but instead announced by the chair or moderator of the session.