Country Sessions – Friday 4th May 2018

The Country Sessions are informal networking events specifically designed to allow AFSIC delegates to strengthen and deepen their investment network in high potential African countries. Many of the country’s leading investors and dealmakers will be represented, some of whom are noted below. In most cases there will not be formal speeches or presentations allowing you the maximum possible time to identify potential investment opportunities, enhance your research capabilities and do deals.

Stream 1

9:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Algeria

Business Leaders

  • Hamou Ninouche Head of Department - Marine & Inland Cargo Insurance - C.A.A.T, Algeria
  • Rafik Boussa CEO - Grant Thornton, Algeria

10:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Ghana

Business Leaders

  • Paul Asamoah Chief Executive Officer - SKYTRUST, Ghana
  • Samuel Kwabi Ameyaw Chief Executive Officer - Fountaingate Microfinance, Ghana, Africa
  • Collins Amponsah-Mensah Council Chair - Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network, Ghana
  • Solomon Lartey Managing Director/CEO - Activa International Insurance, Ghana
  • Kwasi Kyere Chief Executive Officer - Star Alliance Microfinance Limited, Ghana
  • Tawiah Ben-Ahmed Country Head/CEO - Metropolitan Group Ghana
  • Yofi Grant Chief Executive Officer - Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Ghana

11:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

Business Leaders

  • Dawit Haileyesus Denegetu Team leader Branding and Promotion - Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopia & Kenya
  • Graham Parrott Managing Director - Ethiopia Investments Limited, Ethiopia
  • Greg Metro Managing Director - Head of Africa - Schulze Global Investments, Ethiopia

1:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in Morocco

Business Leaders

2:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in WAEMU/UEMOA


Members of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (also known by its French acronym, UEMOA) are Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo.

Business Leaders

  • Cédric Mbeng Mezui Coordinator of African Financial Markets Initiative - African Development Bank, Africa
  • Sega Balde Secretary General of the West African Bankers' Association - West African Bankers' Association, West Africa
  • Madji Sock President - Women's Investment Club Senegal, West Africa

3:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in Tunisia

Business Leader

Stream 2

10:00 am

Investment Opportunities in Zambia

Business Leaders

11:00 am

Investment Opportunities in Mauritius

Business Leaders

12:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in Sierra Leone

2:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in CEMAC

Business Leaders

3:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in Angola

Business Leader