Country Sessions – Thursday 3rd May 2018

The Country Sessions are informal networking events specifically designed to allow AFSIC delegates to strengthen and deepen their investment network in high potential African countries. Many of the country’s leading investors and dealmakers will be represented, some of whom are noted below. In most cases there will not be formal speeches or presentations allowing you the maximum possible time to identify potential investment opportunities, enhance your research capabilities and do deals.

Stream 1

9:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Kenya

Business Leaders

10:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Namibia

Business Leaders

11:30 am

Investment Opportunities in Tanzania

Business Leaders

1:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Business Leaders

  • Susan Holliday Principal Insurance Specialist - IFC, All Africa
  • Wael Khattab Founder & Managing Partner - Feather Invest, Egypt
  • Sherif Abd Elaal Managing Director and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions - KAMCO Investment Company, Egypt
  • Hassan Samir Managing Director - Prime Securities, Egypt
  • Michael Pearson Non-Executive Director - Tanmeyah Microfinance Services, Egypt

2:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Business Leaders

3:30 pm

Investment Opportunities in Botswana

Business Leaders

Stream 2

10:00 am

Investment Opportunities in Uganda

Business Leaders

11:00 am

Investment Opportunities in Malawi

Business Leaders

  • Niall Haughey Chief Commercial Officer - Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa, Malawi
  • Mark Mikwamba Managing Director - Old Mutual Investment Group Malawi, Southern Africa

12:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe

Business Leaders

2:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in DRC

Business Leaders

3:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in South Africa

Business Leaders

  • MacDonald Gomo Analyst - Verdant Capital
  • Rob Kelso Chief Operating Officer - SA Home Loans, South Africa
  • Susan Holliday Principal Insurance Specialist - IFC, All Africa
  • Andrew Chimphondah Chief Executive Officer - Housing Investment Partners (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
  • Andrew Schultz Head of Sales - Investec, All Africa
  • Paul Boynton Chief Executive Officer - Old Mutual Alternative Investments (OMAI), All Africa
  • Carlo Dickson Managing Director - Ke Nako Capital, South Africa
  • Brett Mallen Acting Chief Executive Officer - Sanlam Africa Investments

4:00 pm

Investment Opportunities in Somalia/Eritrea

Business Leaders

  • Alberto Didoni Managing Director - Varcando Limited, Africa
  • Tony Pelz Director, Shuraako - One Earth Future Foundation, Somalia