Hamou Ninouche

Senior Insurance Executive

Algerian Insurance Company "C.A.A.T", Algeria


Senior Executive at the Algerian Insurance Company “C.A.A.T”, one of the most succesful public insurance Companies of the country. I have a Bachelors degree in international trade from the National Institute of Trade of Algeria, a Postgraduate Diploma in Insurance from the Financing Development Insitute of the Arab Maghreb in Tunisia and I have completed a number of professional courses from different institutions. I gained professional experience at the well-known Algerian Insurance Company “C.A.A.T” . Through the course of my career I held interesting positions at the Algerian Insurance Company amongst; serving as an internal auditor, Executive at the head quarter´s department of engineering and credit insurance, and currently serving as an executive at the Department of fire and similar risks, Engineering and construction insurances in one of the company´s branches. I am passionate about the transformation of the African Insurance Sector, particularly the north African one, in terms of modernization and mergers.

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