Geert Jan Schuite

Global Head, Outcomes Management and Strategy

Enclude, Pan-African


Mr. Geert Jan Schuite is Global Group Lead, Outcomes Management and Strategy at Enclude (The Netherlands). He supports Financial Institutions in understanding the concept of Responsible Finance and trains and implements Social and Environmental Management Systems at these institutions. Mr. Schuite has lead a team that trained 100 Financial Institutions across Africa on Environmental and Social Risk Management as part of an assignment with the African Development Bank under the FAPA Fund. He has developed the Green Performance Agenda Guideline on Green Inclusive Finance and Risk Training tools for Loan Officers. For the Financial Alliance on Sustainable Trade (FAST) he coordinated the development of a shared impact monitoring system in alignment with IRIS indicators, and he developed an ex-ante monitoring system for an EU-initiated impact fund in Uganda. Mr. Schuite is member of various professional platforms and working groups related to Social Performance Management and Green Microfinance. Previously, Mr. Schuite has worked as a Sustainability Research Analyst at Triodos Bank in The Netherlands. From 1991 to 2001 Mr. Schuite worked at Arcadis as an environmental consultant for their private sector clients and was member of their Due Diligence team. Mr. Schuite (1962) is a BSc in Environmental Management and Engineering from the Van Hall University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.

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