Getting Started with your Event and Meeting App

The event app is available through your desktop, as well as available through a native mobile event app. We encourage you to use both.

Getting Started on Desktop

After you’ve registered for AFSIC 2018, you will receive an email inviting you to join the community.  This e-mail includes an authorization link that when clicked, will automatically log you into the community.

When logging in for the first time:

  • You will be prompted to accept the Terms of Service Agreement
  • After you’ve accepted, you will be redirected to your profile page where you can add information or make changes.
  • Most importantly, you can set up your password so that you can easily log into the community from anywhere.

The Event and Meeting App can also be accessed via

If you have not received your invitation e-mail or believe you accidentally deleted it, simply click the “Forgot Password” tab and enter your email address. The system will automatically resend you the authorization link.

If the system does not recognize your email address, make sure that you have registered for the event with the same email address you are trying to use. If you have registered for the event, and are still having trouble signing in, click the Support button on the sign-in page to get additional help.

Install and Sign-In on Mobile Event App

  1. Using your iPhone, iPad or Android device, install the Pathable EventConnect mobile app from the app store and open it.
  2. Search for “afsic”, click on the icon
  3. Click the menu icon in the upper right, choose “Sign In” and enter your email address and password.

Reset Password/Forgot Password

If you don’t know your password, or are having trouble accessing the community:

  • Click Sign In in the upper right
  • Click theHelp/Forgot Password tab
  • Enter the email address you registered with
  • Click Send

If the entered email address is found in the community, you will be sent an email including an authorization link that will login to your account so that you can reset your password.

If the system does not recognize your email address, consider whether there is a different email address that you may have registered with and attempt to login with the alternative.

If the above does not work, please click the Support button in the lower right corner of the screen and provide as much information as you can including your full name, registration confirmation (if available), and the possible email addresses that you might have registered with.

Troubleshooting if you receive an error and can’t log in

  • Are you signed in to the native event app?
  • Are you connected to the Internet (this can be WiFi or the cellular network)?
  • Confirm that the Event Manager has given you privileges to scan in attendees.
  • Are you using the app installed from the app store? If you are viewing the site using your phone’s mobile web browser, badge scanning is not available.

Customize Your Schedule by Adding and Removing Sessions

To customize your schedule for the event:

  • Click the Schedule tab
  • Hover your mouse over a session you would like to attend and click the Add button that appears.
  • If you wish to read more before making your choice, select the session you are interested in to review the description, speakers, and additional information. Then click the Add button on the session page to RSVP and add the session to your schedule.
  • To Remove a session from your agenda, hover your mouse over the session or navigate to the session page and click the Remove

You can view the sessions you have chosen by clicking the My Schedule tab at the top of the Schedule page. Keep in mind that on some sites the schedule may be labelled Agenda, Full Schedule, or Calendar.

Note: If you do not see the Add or Remove buttons, the event host has chosen to disable the option for attendees to customize their schedule within the community. Reach out to for additional instructions.

Export Your Schedule

There are multiple ways to export your schedule on the community. To do this:

  • Select the *Schedule tab from the navigation bar.
  • Click the “Export” button
  • Select the option to Print, Download, or Subscribe via Outlook to your schedule

*Note: On some sites, this may be labeled “Agenda“, “Full Schedule” or “Calendar“.

Move Your Schedule to Your Outlook Calendar/iCal

There are two ways to import your agenda into Outlook/iCal:

  1. Importing creates a one-time snapshot of your agenda and copies it into Outlook. If you subsequently make changes to your Pathable calendar, they will not be reflected in Outlook.
  2. Subscribing creates a live feed of your agenda in Outlook. Outlook checks for changes every few hours and updates your calendar appropriately.

To import your calendar:

  • Select the *Schedule tab
  • Click Export
  • Choose “Download My Agenda
  • In Outlook, clickFile -> Open -> Import
  • Choose the .ics file type, find your saved .ics file in your Downloads folder and click next

To subscribe to your calendar:

  • Select the *Schedule tab
  • Click Export
  • Choose “Subscribe to My Agenda in Outlook
  • Outlook should automatically open and create a calendar

Note: When you import a calendar into Outlook, it becomes part of your main Outlook calendar. When you subscribe to a calendar, it becomes a separate calendar within Outlook, side-by-side with your main calendar. This separate calendar may not be sync’ed to your mobile device calendar.

Move Your Schedule to Your Google Calendar

Note: Due to a bug in Google Calendar, this is not a fully supported feature.

To create a live subscription of your Pathable calendar into your

Google calendar:

  • Select the *Schedule tab
  • Click the “Export” button
  • Right-click “Subscribe to My Schedule in Outlook” entry
  • Choose “Copy Link Address” or equivalent
  • In Google Calendar, find “Other Calendars” in the left sidebar and choose “Add
  • Select Add by URL
  • Paste the link you copied into the dialog and click Save

There is a known issue in Google Calendar that causes this setup to sometimes fail. The failure is not consistent, and Google has not responded with a timeline for addressing it.

If you do see an error message, you can try appending “&reset=xxx” to the end of the URL you are pasting, where “xxx” can be any set of characters or numbers. Some people have reported that this jogs Google Calendar’s tool enough to make a retry successful.

*Note: On some sites, this may be labeled “Agenda“, “Full Schedule” or “Calendar“.

Downloading Session Materials

To access session materials and handouts:

  • Select the *Scheduletab
  • Click the session you are interested in
  • Under Meeting Materials on the right hand side, click the items you wish to download

To view a list of materials available across all sessions, select theMaterials button that appears at the top of the Schedule page.

*Note: On some sites, this may be labeled “Agenda“, “Full Schedule” or “Calendar“.

Scheduling Private, One on One Meetings

To request a meeting with someone:

  • Visit the profile page of the person you would like to meet
  • Click the Request a Meetingoption
  • If you would like to add additional people to the meeting, type their names into the “Attendees” field
  • You will see the schedule and free-busy time for you and the invitees on the right. Use your mouse to select a time that is mutually available.
  • Select or enter a Locationfor your meeting
  • Type “Subject” and “Description” for the meeting to give the invitees background on why you would like to meet
  • Click the Send Invitation

​Your recipients will receive an email notification for the meeting with the option to accept or decline your request. You will receive an email notification when they have responded.

Note: Not all communities have the private meeting scheduling function enabled, and some communities choose to disable this functionality for certain classes of user. If you do not see the private meeting option on all or a particular person’s profile, it has been disabled for your community or for that type of user.

Removing Private Meetings/Declining Private Meetings

To remove a private, one-on-one meeting from your schedule​:

  • Select the “Schedule”tab from the navigation bar
  • Click the “Show My Schedule” button
  • Select the meeting you want to remove from your schedule
  • If you’ve previously accepted, click the “You’ve accepted. Change?” link at the top of the page.
  • If you were the person who initially created the meeting, click “Cancel Meeting”Indicate your new status

If you change your response to a meeting, the organizer and all other participants will receive an email notification informing them of the change. Keep in mind:

  • The meeting will remain on their schedules until they choose to remove it.
  • If you are the organizer and clicked “Cancel Meeting”, it will be removed from their schedules immediately.

A full knowledge base is available at