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  • AFSIC 2017: 3rd - 5th May 2017, Park Plaza Riverbank, London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I attend AFSIC?

Attendance at AFSIC is open to all however you will benefit specifically from attending AFSIC if:

  • You are a Senior Executive in Africa’s Financial Services sector; including banks, insurance companies, microfinance organisations, savings and loans institutions, leasing companies, fintech companies, export-import banks, housing finance companies;
  • You are an Investor in Africa with an interest in Debt or Equity Investment opportunities in Africa’s financial services sector;
  • You are an Investment Banker, Corporate Financier, Fixed Income or Equity specialist, Research Analyst, Mergers & Acquisitions expert etc. looking to expand your deal making capability and investor network across Africa; or wanting to source transactions in Africa especially within Africa’s financial services sector;
  • You wish to meet a wide range of Africa’s most important investors in one place at one time;
  • You wish to promote your company within Africa, or within the global investment community;
  • You represent an organisation promoting internal investment into Africa, for instance an African Development Bank, Board of Trade, etc;
  • You wish to meet a wide range of key participants in Africa’s financial services sector such as leading advisors, dealmakers, credit rating agencies, press etc.

What is the Objective of AFSIC?

AFSIC connects African Financial Services companies with an extensive range of the leading Debt and Equity investors looking to invest in Africa’s financial services sector.

How does it achieve this Objective?

AFSIC is a highly focused investment event specifically designed to allow African financial services companies the opportunity to hold a large number of highly constructive and focused meetings with many of Africa’s leading Debt & Equity Investors, and Dealmakers such as Investment Bankers, Stockbrokers, Research Analysts, Fixed Income & Equity sales teams, Mergers & Acquisition teams etc.

A substantial number of global investors attend AFSIC allowing African Financial Services companies to hold a considerable number of investment focused meetings over a few days in the same location.

The Agenda is designed to specifically showcase investment opportunities in Africa’s financial services sector, and also permits investors in the sector to highlight their own investment parameters and strategies.

What type of Investors attend AFSIC?

Many of Africa’s leading investors attend AFSIC with a view to discovering or progressing investment opportunities. This is achieved primarily through holding one-on-one meetings with African financial services companies, or dealmakers, at AFSIC.

These investors range from:

  • The largest supranational investors in Africa, such as the IFC, World Bank, European Investment Bank and African Development Bank;
  • Private Equity Funds focused on the whole scale of investment sizes, including those focused on the largest investment opportunities in Africa (e.g. $50m+) to Private Equity Funds with smaller investment sizes (e.g. $0.5m+);
  • Listed Equity Funds focused on investments into Financial Services companies listed on African Stock Exchanges;
  • Impact Investors focused on investment opportunities that offer significant social or environmental return alongside a financial return;
  • Development Finance Institutions, including many of the leading DFIs in the world such as ADA, Biofund, CDC, DEG, FMO, Proparco etc. DFIs have been amongst the most important investors in Africa historically and continue to provide a very significant investment and support role in supporting Africa’s financial services sector;
  • African based Investors looking for investment opportunities outside their home country, or looking for co-investors in projects or investors into their own funds;
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds looking for investment opportunities in Africa.

What kind of African Financial Services  companies attend?

African financial services companies attending include:

  • Banks, including subsidiaries of African banks;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Microfinance companies;
  • Fintech companies;
  • Leasing companies;
  • Development Banks;
  • Export Import focused banks and organisations;
  • Factoring Companies;
  • Savings & Loans companies and SACCOs;
  • Africa based Investment Companies, Funds and Asset Managers.

Are the Investors debt or equity focused or both?

The investors are both debt and equity focused. The range and number of investors attending allows African financial services companies to target investors most suited to their own business sector (e.g. banking or microfinance etc) and their different capital requirements ranging from investors focused on smaller investment of $0.5m right up to larger investment sums of $50m+.

How do I arrange meetings with Investors at AFSIC?

An online meeting and messaging system is opened to all registered delegates one month prior to AFSIC. This allows delegates from African financial services companies the opportunity to contact all investors attending AFSIC well in advance of the event.

AFSIC delegates can then communicate their investment requirements, and explore investment parameters ahead of the event resulting in highly targeted investment meetings at AFSIC. Please note that delegates attending AFSIC are responsible for arranging meetings themselves with Investors and Dealmakers.

Meeting tables can be reserved for the duration of AFSIC to facilitate meetings. This is encouraged where delegates envisage holding multiple meetings, or alternatively meetings can be arranged in a more casual manner at a general one on one meeting point where a limited amount of seating is available on a first come first served basis.

In addition the agenda has been designed to provide a number of networking events throughout the duration of AFSIC allowing multiple opportunities for interaction between the Senior Executives attending AFSIC.

Why is AFSIC held in Europe and not in Africa?

Many of the leading investors in Africa are based in the USA or Europe. Europe provides a convenient location for AFSIC for these investors to meet, and also provides a convenient hub for African financial services companies attending to convene from different regions across the African continent. Our team organises targeted investment events in specific countries in Africa where appropriate.

Language Requirements

The operational language for AFSIC is English, we do not offer simultaneous translation services. Team members at the event will be able to communicate in Portuguese and also French.

Do I need a Visa?

To find out whether you require a visa please check the UK Border Agency website which can be accessed at:

It is highly recommended that you apply for your visa in good time prior to the conference as the British Visa system can be slow.  If you require an international invitation letter for visa purposes please complete the following international invitation letter request

Dietary Requests

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