About Us

AFSIC 2017 will be the fifth Africa Financial Services Investment Conference. The first Africa Financial Services Investment Conference took place in Brighton. The objective was, and remains, to bring together African financial services companies with a wide range of Africa’s most important investors, both debt and equity. In consideration of the difficulty of travelling within and across different African countries, the event provides an important forum where a large number of high impact investment focused meetings can be held in one place at one time.

AFSIC 2014 saw considerable growth with over 125 companies attending. The event grew considerably again in 2015 with over 220 companies attending representing 25 different African countries.  The number of investors attending AFSIC 2016 grew yet again, and the number of African financial services companies attending grew particularly strongly.

As news of AFSIC spreads throughout the continent it is likely that the event will continue to develop as Africa’s largest financial services investment event attracting banks, insurance companies, consumer lending companies, micro finance companies, leasing companies, investment banks and brokerages and similar companies.