2017 Call for Speakers

AFSIC is the leading investment conference for Africa’s Financial Services sector and has seen considerable development in both the quality of Speakers and Panellists attending AFSIC. This momentum will continue with AFSIC 2017 which takes place on 3rd – 5th May 2017 at the Park Plaza Riverbank, London.

We are looking for Speakers, Panellists, Keynotes and Workshops to continue the momentum and to help us build the best AFSIC event yet. Speakers get complimentary access to the full range of activities at AFSIC 2017 (excluding your travel and accommodation, and access to the Meet African Dealmaker event).

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to act as a Speaker, Keynote, Panellist or have a suggestion on a Workshop to be held at AFSIC 2017 please review our Submission Guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

When suggesting a topic, please make sure:

  • Your content is specific to Africa’s Financial Services sector
  • Presentations from African Financial Services companies, including Banks, Insurance companies, Microfinance companies and Leasing companies etc are welcomed
  • Presentations from Investors, including Private Equity and Listed Equity funds, Development Finance InstitutionsSovereign Wealth Funds, Impact Investors, African asset managers, and other investors are welcomed
  • Presentations from Dealmakers including Investment Bankers, M&A experts, Corporate Financiers, Research Analysts are welcomed where they lead to a greater understanding of the investment opportunities available within Africa’s financial services sector
  • Presentations from Financial Services sector experts are welcome where they lead to a greater understanding of the investment opportunities available within Africa’s financial services sector
  • We are looking for content that is interesting, vendor and product agnostic. If you would like to publicize a product or service, please contact Emma Rynn, on emma@afsic.net for information on becoming one our event sponsors

Information Requested

Please note that the information requested below should be provided as part of your submission, and will be assumed to be correct as provided for use on a provisional Agenda, associated marketing documents and the event website.

  • The Speaker’s Full name
  • The Speaker’s Corporate Title;
  • A short Biography for the Speaker. This BIO will be available on the web and will be used at AFSIC
  • A mobile phone number, that will be valid during AFSIC in case the organiser needs to contact the speaker urgently
  • A photo of the speaker
  • A suggested Presentation, Panel, Keynote or Workshop title which would be of interest to the audience focused on investment in Africa’s financial services sector
  • The correct Company name to be displayed on the agenda etc
  • The Country/Region that you wish to be identified with, e.g. Egypt, Kenya, or Region e.g. West Africa, USA etc or advise us that this is not applicable
  • A contact Email address


  • Submit your proposal by 31st January 2017